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During the course of world history, certain individuals has greatly advanced the progress of humanity or greatly contributed to human history, both in bad ways and good ways. While nothing ultimately relies on great men (and women), there have been extraordinary visionaries and leaders who have transformed the world.

From the Bronze Age, you will be able to recruit chosens, but only through the gain of experience and only a limited number of heroes for every era. You can have twelve different types of heroes, and you can have up to three heroes at the same point.

You name your chosen, establish his or her gender and decide what kind of hero they are going to be, their agendas and character traits – by setting their 3 character points on several areas.

Note, you do not recruit historical leaders and figures, you create fictional leaders and figures.

Ruler: A Ruler Hero is a prolific leader of a country who is talented in administrative (economic efficiency), military (morale, +1 point for all units) and cultural (+1 experience) areas, and can improve all these areas with six points that you can divide freely between them. He or she could be a king, a queen, an emperor, an empress, a president, a consul or any other type of head of state.

Notable Examples

Ramesses II
King Solomon
Cyrus the Great
Qin-Shi Huangdi
Augustus Caesar
Kublai Khan
Suleyman the Magnificent
Louis XIV
Peter the Great
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Ronald Reagan

Politician: A Politician Hero is a leader of a country who wants to challenge norms and traditions and to attain power in order to transform society. He or she often invokes strong emotions in the population, but has the gift of oratory and can thus command the hearts of the masses. He or she can increase the advancement of a civics level with certain percentage degrees. He or she could be a leader of a state, but also be a senator, a member of a parliament, an opposition leader or even a rebel. The main difference between a Ruler and a Politician is that a ruler tries to stand above and direct his or her civilization towards an established destiny, whereas the Politician tries to change that destiny and move towards a widening concept of that civilization. Politicians give a negative or positive morale bonus, a +2 to +7% civic development increase, a +1 NPC diplomacy bonus, and eventual economy/administration bonuses. Politicians are available from the Classical Age and onward.

Notable Examples

Demosthenes of Athens
Tiberius Gracchus
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Pope Gregory VII
Cola di Rienzi
Abraham Lincoln
Adolf Hitler
Mao Zedong
Indira Gandhi
Robert F Kennedy
Pierre Trudeau
Olof Palme
Michail Gorbachev

General: A General Hero is a military commander. He or she could be the head of state, but also a brilliant military commander. His or her interests are directed towards warfare, either expansionist conquests or towards a steadfast defence of the fatherland or their ideology/religion. He or she is giving an extra 2 points attack or defence bonus for all units, and +2 morale for all military units. He/or she is a leader of men, but an average administrator and not so much a visionary as a cautious conservative.

Notable Examples

Sargon of Akkad
Joshua of Israel
Alexander the Great
Hannibal Barca
Julius Caesar
Charles Martel
Genghis Khan
Gustavus Adoplhus
Oliver Cromwell
Frederick the Great
George Washington
Napoléon Bonaparte
Erwin Rommel
Georgy Zhukov
Bernard Montgomery
Dwight Eisenhower
Norman Schwartzkopf

Philosopher: A Philosopher Hero is a great, free and glorious thinker, who brings new revelations which could be embraced or rejected, but will have an impact on your civilization. He or she is not so much concerned with personal power, attainment or wealth, but rather truth and intellectual honesty. A philosopher can be a head of state or a leader and let his/her philosophy direct the entire civilization, but a cautious word would be that it would be dangerous to have a philosopher king. Philosophers are advancing civics and culture 5 – 15% during their life-time, but often at the prize of social instability.

Notable Examples

Paul of Tarsus
Marcus Aurelius
St. Augustine
Thomas ab Aquinas
Niccólo Machiavelli
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
Jean-Jacques Rousseau
Adam Smith
Maximilien de Robbespierre
Thomas Jefferson
Karl Marx
Friedrich Nietzsche
Vladimir Lenin
Jean-Paul Sartre
Noam Chomsky

Prophet: A Prophet Hero is the most charismatic form of leader. Believed by his followers to have a command from the divine, or to be divine by him/herself, he or she can exert limitless authority over their followers. This is also the only kind of hero which the player can use as a direct communication point with his or her team – giving commands. The Prophet Hero advances religion + another chosen tech tree with 6 – 18% every turn, and provides a 2% morale bonus, but reduces progress in other areas. As national leaders, Prophet Heroes tend to be charismatic, but can also induce instability.

Notable Examples

Pharaoh Echnaton
The Buddha
Jesus Christ
Constantine I
Hakim al-Fatimyun
Martin Luther
Jean Calvin
Shabbetai Zevi
Joseph Smith
L Ron Hubbard

Diplomat: Diplomat heroes have greater ability to forge alliances with NPCs and to solve difficult international situations. As leaders of nations, they have somewhat diminished martial abilities, but are usually quite decent administrators. They seek compromises, and could also serve to heal the internal wounds in a society damaged by inner splits.

Notable Examples

Pope Pius II
Henri IV of France
Jean-Maurice Talleyrand
Clemens von Metternich
Otto von Bismarck
Dag Hammarskjöld
Jacques Delors
Carl Bildt

Merchant/Industrialist: Merchant and Industrialist heroes are providing a gold bonus to civilizations, as well as a production bonus for quality goods and artisans. Industrialist heroes also contribute to the development of industry. Both merchants and industrialists can contribute to science and civics areas.

Notable Examples

Croesus of Lydia
Marcus Crassus
Mansa Musa of Mali
Bo Jonsson Grip
Cosimo di Medici
Anton Fugger
Nathan Meyer de Rothschild
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Andrew Carnegie
John D Rockefeller
Henry Ford
Steve Jobs
Bill Gates

Explorer/Conquistador: Heroes that is able to discover new and far-away lands. Are giving +1 to +5 mobility to sea units when they explore black areas, and are able to traverse open sea, instead of merely the coasts and islands. Are giving up to 10% extra development rate for naval technologies. A Conquistador is a land-based explorer, and is having higher mobility in uncharted lands.

Notable Examples

Hanno the Navigator
Admiral Nearchos
Xu Fu
Leif Eiriksson
Ahmad ibn Fadlan
Abu Abdullah ibn Battuta
Zheng He
Henrique of Portugal
Cristobál Cólon
Vasco da Gama
Fernando de Magelhaes
Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Hernan Cortez
Francisco Pizarro
Piri Reis
Sir Walter Raleigh
Francis Drake
James Cook
Alexander von Humboldt
Robert Peary
Thor Heyerdahl
Jacques Picard
Neil Armstrong
Jacques Costeau

Inventor: This kind of hero is the most unpredictable. They are generally eccentric geniuses who prefer to work alone and who are somewhat socially maladjusted. They tend to be seen as cranks by non-understanding societies. Given the right mentorship and circumstances however, they excel to positions from which they can aid the development of the human race. They give up to 10% science increase rate bonus during their lifetime, and also generally discover new technologies and appliances which can aid humanity.

Notable Examples

Philo of Byzantion
Hero of Alexandria
Ma Jun
Ibn Sina
Abd al-Raman al-Sufi
Hasan al-Rammah
Leonardo da Vinci
Tycho Brahe
Nicholas Copernicus
Johannes Kepler
Galilleo Gallilei
Isaac Newton
Alfred Nobel
Nikola Tesla
Albert Einstein
Enrico Fermi
Werner von Braun
Buckminster Fuller

Engineer: The Engineer is a bit related to the Inventor, but is focusing on applying new construction technologies. With engineer heroes, the cost and quality of wonders are improved, and construction technologies are moved forward. Engineer heroes move Engineering, Metallurgy and Toolworking tech forward by up to 5% increase rate per turn during their lifetimes.

Notable Examples

Imhotep of Egypt
Lu Ban
Jean d’Orbais
Giotto di Bondone
Albert Speer

Artist: The Artist Hero is contributing to the cultural and civilizational capital of the civilization, but can also herald developments challenging the status quo. Artist heroes are sensitive souls who often find themselves facing personal crises. They are important if you want to expand culturally. Cultural advance can move up to 10% faster with an artist.

Notable Examples

Omar Khayýam
El Greco
The Engineer
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