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books that influenced you Empty books that influenced you

Post  Avanti on Fri Jan 11, 2013 9:29 am

oh hai

i wonder

do you have any books

which have grown


with you?


you are carrying them

all the time

with you?

in 1996

i was in juvenile prison


after having stabbed

a co-inmate

with a fork

i was placed in my room

a comfortable, nice, small room

with a view

over dark woods

there were several youth books there

a book over how to have safe sex

a carpentry book

the holy bible

and then the hobbit

the night before i escaped

i had a compulsion

i always follow my compulsions

they are like

you know

divinely ordained commandments

for me

so i looked at the hobbit

and i looked at my worn-out bag

and i looked at the hobbit again

then looked at my bag

then the hobbit was down in my bag

me and another guy escaped from the kitchen

it took like two years

until i finally started to read

the hobbit

it was in christiania

i was staying over at my lover's collective

smoking a bit of marijuana

lying on the mattress naked

got nothing better to do

so read the hobbit

it resonated with me

since i am a traveller

a journeyman

i have discovered

hallucinogens + tolkien

has an interesting effect

on my mind


i found a dragon crawling in under the door

what books have influenced you?

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books that influenced you Empty Re: books that influenced you

Post  The Benevolent One on Sun Apr 14, 2013 1:05 am

the kama sutra. Twisted Evil
The Benevolent One
The Benevolent One

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